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New Stuff
Latest additions to the shop
Swivels and Snaps
Power Swivels, snap links, ball bearing swivels, three way swivels and more.
Eagle Claw and Partridge treble hooks
Trace Wire
Rig Bits and Other Stuff
Beads, Tubing, Rig Glue and more stuff for rig making.
Specialist Bits
Tackle for non-predator fishing
Floats and Things
Pike floats, poly balls and so forth.
Tool Box
Unhooking tools, scissors, pliers, etc.
Bomb and Feeder Moulds
Moulds, powder coating and lead making accessories.
Landing Net Meshes
Grubs, swimbaits, twintails etc.
Reel Lubes
TG oils and grease.
Angler Wear
Fleece mitts, sunglasses.
Other stuff
Rod bands, rod rest heads and other bits and bobs that don't fit in other categories!